NEFA Committees

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

NEFA’s Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion seeks to facilitate the associations ongoing and continuing efforts to foster a culture and atmosphere of mutual respect, and to attract, retain, and promote outstanding professionals from all backgrounds, perspectives, and abilities.


The mission of the Education Committee is to implement the education goals of the National Equipment Finance Association (NEFA) by planning and coordinating industry leading educational programs throughout the year for the NEFA Finance Summit, NEFA Funding Symposium, online education and through other various mediums. The Education Committee is responsible for developing excellent industry leading programs for the various NEFA events (in-person and virtual). The Education Committee will assist the NEFA team in securing speakers and panels, to ensure the theme, tracks (if applicable), and overall programs offer tangible value to the attendees.

Anne Dalgaard, CPA, CLFP
Dynamic Rentals
Beth McLean, CLFP
Northland Capital


The committee is in place to provide a forum for legal professionals, within NEFA, to develop best practices and formulate legal updates of interest to the membership.

Joshua Hasko, Messerli| Kramer


This purpose of the Marketing Committee is to work with the NEFA staff to create, communicate, deliver, and exchange offerings that market NEFA to the member community and beyond. The Committee creates and reviews proposed marketing strategies and works with the NEFA staff to see them through to completion. The Marketing Committee will ensure marketing activities effectively accomplish the mission to engage members and help entice prospective members to the Association.

Jacklynn Manning, CLFP


This committee is charged with helping the staff target prospective members and encourage them to join the organization. Additionally, the committee will work with the NEFA team to welcome new members into NEFA during their first year of membership with periodic check-ins, encourage participation and connect the new members with other members. The committee will also work with the NEFA staff to identify inactive members and encourage their participation within NEFA.

Bob Hanna, Cohn & Dussi, LLC

Young Professionals

The purpose of the Young Professionals Committee is to identify young professionals within NEFA, determine their special needs and expectations, and develop initiatives specifically designed to meet those needs. The Young Professionals Committee will work to recommend educational, networking, and other programs and initiatives to the NEFA staff and Board of Directors.