Tamarack Launches 2 New Clients on Salesforce.com with Loan/Lease Origination Accelerator

February 22, 2018

Amy Mimick, (612) 998 6672, amimick@tamarackconsulting.com

Minneapolis, Minn. (Feb. 20, 2018) – Tamarack Consulting, a leader in providing independent software solutions in the equipment finance and commercial lending industry, has recently taken two of its new clients live on Salesforce utilizing Tamarack’s proprietary Loan/Lease Origination Accelerator.

With more than 40 Salesforce clients utilizing the Loan/Lease Origination service, Tamarack has recently added K2 Capital Group and Madison Capital to its growing list of clients that launched through the Loan/Lease Accelerator and are now processing leases and loans via Salesforce.com.

"Utilizing the Tamarack Loan/Lease Accelerator we can now take advantage of beneficial technologies and marketplace apps," said Nancy Pistorio, president of Madison Capital. "We were able to fully integrate with our legacy back-end and give our Sales and Front office the tools they needed to allow them to succeed."

"Our existing software was becoming antiquated and we were looking for a software system that could scale at the rate that we're growing," said Stephen Alpeter, chief operating officer at K2 Capital Group. "Tamarack's team was able to deliver a customized solution that will allow us to grow our existing business and also grow into new product verticals."

Through the Loan/Lease Accelerator clients are able automate any function in the leasing/lending origination lifecycle, allowing lenders to focus their efforts on true value added tasks.

"Salesforce.com continues to be a major disruptor in Lending and Leasing software," said Kristian Dolan, owner and solution architect at Tamarack. "By utilizing our Loan/Lease Accelerator, our clients are able to reap the benefits of our proven implementation processes, products, and experienced team to implement an unparalleled solution within the industry.” Setting itself apart from the competition, Tamarack’s Loan/Lease Origination Accelerator on Salesforce offers an open architecture and open configurability. Users can download any of the thousands of "Apps" on the AppExchange and customize the solution internally, or use other third party solutions to modify the framework.