Tamarack enhances functionality of TrailView™ Customer Service Portal

February 6, 2024

St. Paul, Minn. (Feb 6, 2024) — Tamarack Technology, Inc., has released enhancements to its popular TrailView™ Customer Service Portal. Developed to facilitate, automate and improve communication between lessors and customers, TrailView provides 24/7 access and streamlined workflows boosting customer service productivity and customer satisfaction.

“Modern consumers demand immediate access and self-service capabilities from their financial institutions, including their equipment finance partners,” said Tim Appleget, director of SaaS products at Tamarack Technology. “Through TrailView, we provide customers with an elevated level of self-service capabilities and real-time visibility into their equipment financing accounts. Most importantly, they can effortlessly manage their accounts, access critical information, and submit support requests. With TrailView 2.0, we are meeting these expectations and more with increased account access, enhanced self-service functionality, and new on-demand payment capabilities.”

TrailView consists of a customer-facing portal and an administrative portal for use by customer service representatives (CSRs). On the administrative side, TrailView 2.0 enhancements include an easy-to-use upload utility that simplifies bulk on-boarding of targeted segments of a portfolio.

Updates to the customer-facing portal include new self-service account management tasks as well as enhanced two-way secure borrower communication via SMS or email. Account management enhancements include:

  • Document Exchange: Allows for the uploading of key borrower documents and downloading contracts and amortization schedules.
  • Payment History: Offers the ability to view recent payment history records and unpaid balances.
  • On-Demand ACH: Enables customers to enter bank payment information to process payments through the ACH system.
  • Tax Summary and History: Provides support for customer inquiries related to taxes, including interest paid and balance information.

“Having spent a majority of my career on the corporate side, I know firsthand how important customer support and speed are to an organization’s business goals,” said Appleget. “Not only do consumers want access to their account information on their schedules, companies also want to maximize the impact of their CSRs. Through TrailView 2.0, we are further reducing the number of customer requests so they can focus on other duties that drive profitability.”

Since its launch in 2022, TrailView has been implemented by multiple equipment finance companies, including North Star Leasing. As part of its commitment to enhancing the customer
experience and streamlining operations, North Star Leasing uses Tamarack’s TrailView portal to allow its customers to access and manage their account information at their convenience.

About Tamarack Technology, Inc.

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