Tamarack Celebrates Two Decades Serving the Equipment Finance Industry

March 16, 2021

Company’s evolution reflects the changing dynamics of the industry and adoption of technology

St. Paul, Minn. (March 16, 2021)Tamarack Technology, Inc. has reached a milestone as it celebrates its 20th anniversary of serving the equipment finance industry. For the past two decades, Tamarack has been helping lessors realize greater value from their operations through innovation and integration. Since its inception in 2001, Tamarack has grown into a leader in providing independent software solutions in the equipment finance and commercial lending industry and has positioned itself to continue to meet the evolving technology needs of the industry.

“Tamarack was built on the premise that at its core, we are a technology company that understands equipment finance,” said Tamarack founder and CEO Daniel Nelson. “In my mind, the key to Tamarack’s longevity has been our focus on building strong relationships with our clients and delivering value. And as we continue forward and expand our services, our commitment to our clients will remain steadfastly the same.”

The company’s evolution reflects the changing dynamics within the equipment finance industry as well as the advancements in the technology of equipment such as IoT and AI – both of which are poised to transform operations within the industry.

During the last nine months, Tamarack has taken steps to realign its business strategy to support the integration of digital technologies to drive greater value from equipment finance operations. Key transformative accomplishments include: added both technology and corporate development executives to define and execute the strategy, added expertise to its board of directors, expanded both its client services team and product offerings and forged new strategic partnerships. Most recently in February, the company changed its name to Tamarack Technology (from Tamarack Consulting) to better reflect its new focus on digital transformation.

“As Tamarack enters our next phase, we’re in a position to expand our offerings to include the integration of digital technologies and operational data to drive greater value from equipment finance operations,” said Nelson. “We are committed to continuing to recognize and adapt to meet the changing business requirements necessary for our clients to be successful.”

About Tamarack Technology, Inc.
Tamarack Technology, Inc. is a leading provider of independent software, operational, and technology services supporting the equipment finance industry. For more than 20 years, Tamarack has been helping lessors protect their investments, improve business performance, and provide customers with access to solutions that enhance operations. The company integrates and supports origination and portfolio management systems as well as critical functions such as lease accounting, sales tax, insurance and UCC compliance. Tamarack's software products connect and integrate key ecosystem applications with real-time data. The company also provides integration, implementation, and data migration services, as well as automation products for several leading industry portfolio management platforms. For more information, please email discover@tamaracknow.com or visit www.tamaracknow.com.