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November 6, 2023

Northteq Expands Female Majority Leadership Team

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA (November 6, 2023) - Northteq, Inc., a leading provider of Salesforce loan origination solutions and equipment finance software, proudly announces the strategic expansion of its female-led leadership team, underscoring its role as a pioneer in gender diversity within the fintech industry. This expansion confirms Northteq’s commitment to catalyzing change in the equipment finance industry through its female-driven leadership and further positions the company to accelerate innovation.

This statistic not only emphasizes Northteq's unwavering commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive culture within the equipment finance software sector but also highlights its belief in diverse voices driving innovation within the tech and financial industries.

Lara Tolland steps into the role of chief operating officer at Northteq, leveraging her 15-plus years of expertise in loan origination software systems, to guide the company's strategic operations. In her previous role as director of product, Tolland championed Northteq’s product evolution, helping develop automation capabilities that accelerate deal processing from application to documentation in a groundbreaking 3 minutes. Her team's innovations also include the introduction of AI powered application entry for equipment finance lenders, utilizing machine learning to accurately interpret and import data from hand-written applications directly into Aurora, enhancing automation and efficiency.

Joining Northteq as the new director of product, Jeannette McNamara brings a wealth of experience from her 18-year career in delivering complex SaaS platforms in education technology (edtech). McNamara comments on her decision to move to Northteq and the fintech industry stating, “I've spent my tech career under largely male-dominated leadership. While I've had amazing male mentors and advocates, the opportunity to be part of a small leadership team, with such a strong set of female talent, inspired me to change sectors and join Northteq. Combined with Kristian's innovative vision for the company and Lara's depth of experience in fintech, it felt like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

At the core of Northteq’s success is its powerhouse leadership team which also includes Melissa Capps, human resources manager; Katy Chan, director of professional services; and Kristian Dolan, chief executive officer and founder. Each member brings deep expertise and a unique perspective, driving forward the team’s pursuit of innovative excellence. Their collective presence and impact, showcasing the prominence of women in tech, offers a stark contrast to the dwindling number of female tech leaders globally.

"Our diversity is our strength, propelling us to think out of the box and continuously innovate for the equipment leasing industry. With such a dedicated and diverse team, I’m filled with optimism about the phenomenal strides we're set to make next year,” says Dolan.

By championing women in tech and fostering workplace equality, Northteq’s leadership lights the way for a brighter, more diverse future in the equipment finance industry.

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