Northteq Launches Aurora Customer Portal

November 11, 2022

Northteq’s Aurora Customer Portal empowers customers and eases employee workloads

MINNEAPOLIS (November 11, 2022) – Northteq, Inc., a leading provider of Salesforce origination solutions, announced today the launch of the Aurora Customer Portal. The portal is a customer servicing platform with an intuitive interface and easy navigation that helps equipment finance lenders improve customer satisfaction and ease employee workloads.

The extended service capabilities offered through the Aurora Customer Portal go beyond account management and making payments. The portal allows customers to apply for new financing with instant approval, gain line of sight to in-flight requests, upload secure documents, and create alerts for contracts nearing end of term. With the ability to white label the portal, lenders can build a branded, digital lending experience that engages and delights their customers from application to servicing.

“The Aurora Customer Portal was conceptualized through the eyes of the end user, ensuring the portal experience supports both internal operational efficiencies while providing a positive customer experience,” said Kristian Dolan, chief executive officer and founder of Northteq.

With the rise of 24/7 digital banking and the growing expectation for on-demand digital banking solutions, it’s more important than ever for lenders to meet the growing demands of their customers without overworking their employees. The Aurora Customer Portal helps support every-day servicing needs of customers while connecting workflows to help ease employee workloads.

“Customers have come to expect easier, more efficient ways to access their account information and complete financial transactions online. Now, lenders have a solution that services their customers’ on-demand digital needs while easing employee workloads from high touch service requests,” said Shawn Birch, director of product management at Northteq.

With the ability to integrate with any portfolio management system, the Aurora Customer Portal is a powerful tool in the hands of any lender, providing an all-encompassing view of the customer and asset life cycles. Easily build and strengthen customer-vendor-lender relationships through one, connected system.

“With the addition of the Aurora Customer Portal to the Aurora suite of products, we’re now able to offer a full digital lending experience for lenders, vendors, and borrowers,” said Kristian Dolan. “Northteq is proud to continue our commitment to providing the equipment finance industry with innovative Salesforce solutions.”


About Northteq

Northteq, Inc. is a Minneapolis, Minnesota based fintech company that has helped over 150 lenders provide their customers, vendors, and employees with intuitive, thoughtfully designed lending solutions.

Northteq's flagship product, Aurora, a suite of Salesforce-powered equipment finance solutions, offers loan origination systems, partner portals, and customer portals. Northteq holds key partnerships with fintech industry leaders including Middesk, PayNet, FICO, Equifax, Experian, D&B, TimeValue, Notarize, LexisNexis, Nintex, Ocrolus, Plaid, and many more. For more information, visit