LTi Technology Solutions Achieves Veracode Verified Standard Tier Status

August 1, 2023

Veracode Verified accreditation demonstrates commitment to developing secure software and reducing risk for customers

Omaha, NE – August 01, 2023 – LTi Technology Solutions, a leading provider in equipment finance software solutions today announced its achievement of Veracode Verified Standard Status. The Veracode Verified program provides third-party validation of a company's secure software development processes from Veracode, a leading global provider of intelligent software security solutions. 

Dedication to DevSecOps 

This achievement demonstrates LTi’s dedication to improved integration of security within the software development lifecycle (SDLC), and to following proven application security principles. Veracode Verified Standard Status confirms that LTi has embraced strong application security and DevSecOps practices, improved its security posture, achieved faster flaw remediation time, and invested in developer and security champion training and resources.

“LTi has made secure software development a priority and a competitive advantage by adopting a mature application security program that covers the entire SDLC,” said Brian Roche, Chief Product Officer at Veracode. “In the face of the increasing cybersecurity skills gap, Veracode Verified provides value without straining limited security resources and allows organizations like LTi Technology Solutions to quickly, effectively, and continuously reduce risk.”

Measuring the Strength of LTi’s Application Security Posture

Veracode Verified provides a holistic, objective view of an organization’s application security program and offers three progressive tiers for measuring success and assessing application security posture. Each tier is cumulative, building upon the qualifications of the previous tier and strengthening participants’ integration of security into the development process. Standard tier status denotes that the following security steps have been implemented into the organization’s software development practice.


  • Assesses first-party code with static analysis
  • Documents the application does not allow Very High flaws in first-party code
  • Provides developers with remediation guidance when new flaws are introduced
  • Establishes a scanning cadence of at least every six months

“We are very pleased to have ASPIRE be Veracode Verified. The Standard status illustrates our ongoing commitment to our customers. LTi has made secure software development a priority by adopting a mature application security program. With increasing cybersecurity skills gap, Veracode Verified provides value without limiting resources and allows us to effectively and continually reduce risk." said Jeff Van Slyke, President and CEO of LTi Technology Solutions.

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About LTi Technology Solutions

LTi Technology Solutions is a global customer-centric, cloud-native, full lifecycle equipment finance lease and loan servicing platform.  We support equipment and asset-based finance companies, captives, small ticket, middle market, brokers, lessors and independent banks throughout North America and the UK from our Omaha headquarters.

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