Liventus Champions Rare Disease Research at the EB Research Partnership's 2023 Venture Into Cures Event

October 25, 2023

Northbrook, IL. October 25, 2023 — Liventus, with its unwavering commitment to supporting rare disease research, was honored to be part of the successful 2023 Venture Into Cures event by EB Research Partnership. Liventus was a champion sponsor of the event under the leadership of President Dan Levin. They are passionate about supporting initiatives to cure rare genetic diseases, most notably Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a very rare genetic disease.

The event took place in Seattle, and included two intimate concerts by Eddie Vedder, which significantly advanced the cause of EB Research Partnership (EBRP), raising over $5 million for rare disease research. The first in-person Venture Into Cures Summit and Dinner showcased inspiring discussions and speeches, bringing together industry leader, patients, and researchers.

Dan Levin's dedication to this cause is not new. He helped kick-off and is involved in the annual "Change for Charley" event in 2017, alongside his good friends the Kauf family which partners with EBRP and has since seen remarkable success in that event fundraising and raising awareness for EB research. This dedication stems from a deep commitment to making a real difference in the lives of those affected by genetic diseases and EB, including young Charley Kauf, whose story continues to inspire Dan and his wife Amy, as well as Liventus's involvement.

The 2023 Venture Into Cures event included keynotes and panels with luminaries such as Nicholas Christakis, Eric Hargan, Dr. Jean Tang, and others, focusing on advancing treatments and cures for EB and beyond. The Venture Into Cures Dinner at Chihuly Garden & Glass featured special moments, including comedy by Jeff Ross and an impromptu karaoke session with EB researcher Dr. Jean Tang and Eddie Vedder.

In reflecting on the event, Dan Levin notes, " Witnessing the impact of EBRP's work is incredibly fulfilling, and I feel privileged to contribute to this vital cause. Our involvement in initiatives like Venture Into Cures and Change for Charley transcends mere fundraising – though that is crucial, especially given the unique venture philanthropy approach. More importantly, these efforts foster a tight-knit community among EB families, medical professionals, and supporters, united in a common pursuit to find a cure for EB. Each step taken not only moves us closer to effectively treating this devastating disease but also fuels scientific advancements that could lead to cures for a multitude of genetic disorders. The progress led by EBRP is a beacon of hope, and I eagerly anticipate a future where the cure for many genetic diseases becomes a reality."

Liventus extends heartfelt thanks to everyone who made this event possible at EB Research Partnership, as well as the doctors, scientists, families, and all those involved who continue to fight for a cure. With over $5 million raised in support of EBRP's mission, the 2023 Venture Into Cures event has set a new standard in the fight against rare diseases. Liventus is proud to have contributed to this landmark event and remains dedicated to supporting initiatives that positively impact people's lives, specifically around curing rare genetic diseases.

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