LeasePoint Funding Group Launches Med Rep Financing with Med Rep Meeting

September 12, 2022

LeasePoint Funding Group (LeasePoint), an equipment finance company setting new standards for speed and simplicity, has partnered with Med Rep Meeting (Med Rep), a medical rep booking tool that eliminates cold calling, to launch Med Rep Financing. This partnership leverages LeasePoint’s proprietary technology to simplify the medical rep sales process by providing rapid financing decisions and prequalifying physicians for up to $350K of medical aesthetic devices.

According to Med Rep, traditional financing solutions involved hours-long qualification processes and lengthy paperwork–often resulting in denied credit for numerous reasons.

“At Med Rep, we believed that by working with LeasePoint, we could bypass these issues and ultimately give back an important commodity to medical representatives: time," says Peter Skidmore, Med Rep’s CEO.

LeasePoint's unique commercial lending platform streamlines this process by giving medical reps a clear picture of a doctor's credit qualifications before even meeting them, saving busy professionals time and money to focus on growing their business.

"Before the partnership, we were already using our software and network of over 20 lenders to provide diverse and flexible credit for equipment financing and commercial lending," says Jeff Markim, Managing Director of LeasePoint Funding Group. "It only made sense to take our services a step further and work with Med Rep Meeting to prescreen for appointments. We are very pleased to partner with them, and we hope that the prequalification process for physicians purchasing medical equipment will be much easier."

According to Med Rep, this partnership will provide immense value to medical professionals. "They now have a tool that can give them a more precise picture of the physician as well as what it will take for them to qualify," says Med Rep Meeting. "All before the meeting ever happens."

LeasePoint Funding Group is one of the fastest-growing equipment finance companies in the country, setting the new standard for speed and simplicity. With significant equity backing, LeasePoint operates as a hybrid independent funder and lessor; this unique strategy creates diversification, flexibility, and virtually unlimited funding. With roots in Austin, TX, LeasePoint has leveraged local expertise to develop a proprietary loan origination system. Our technology utilizes automated underwriting, one-page documents, and same-day funding to deliver the fastest and easiest process in the market.

 Med Rep Meeting was founded by CEO Peter Skidmore to put an end to cold calling for medical representatives. Med Rep Meeting handles bookings from A-Z and gives its clients detailed information about scheduled meetings, including food preference and other crucial specifics. Med Rep Meeting is booking over 1,000 meetings each month for its clients, with an average of 100 every day.

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