KLC Financial implements Tamarack ExecutiveAIR to drive growth

June 13, 2024

Powered by analysis from Rinaldi Advisory Services, ExecutiveAIR™ offers equipment finance executives unique views of operational and financial data overlaid with actionable insights

St. Paul, Minn. (June 13, 2024) — National equipment leasing and finance company KLC Financial, LLC is using Tamarack Technology’s Executive Advisory Insights Reports (ExecutiveAIR™) product to support its executive team in business strategy and key decision-making.

“At KLC, we are continually exploring ways to enhance performance and drive growth,” said KLC Financial CEO Spencer Thomas, CLFP. “Our long-standing relationship with Bob Rinaldi and the Rinaldi Advisory Services team, coupled with our use of Tamarack AI products, made ExecutiveAIR a logical next step. We now have actionable executive-level intelligence and insights from real-time data to help us make better decisions that have more impact on our organization.”

A product of the collaboration between Rinaldi Advisory Services (RAS) and Tamarack, ExecutiveAIR leverages the strengths of both organizations -- Tamarack’s comprehensive enterprise data aggregation and analysis tools, along with RAS’ renowned insights for equipment finance and banking leaders. Through the service, KLC uses real-time data from disparate systems to capture a proprietary, interactive executive-level view of key enterprise performance functions including originations, pricing, portfolio stratifications and financial outcomes.

“ExecutiveAIR provides unique insights from aggregated data that is traditionally only found in the silos of the origination, contract management and general ledger systems of the business,” said Bob Rinaldi, president of Rinaldi Advisory Services. “Since both Tamarack and RAS were already familiar with KLC Financial’s structure, the real-time analysis of the data was amplified.”
One of the first companies to employ elements of the Tamarack AI™ Product Suite in 2021, KLC takes another step forward in using technology to scale and grow by implementing ExecutiveAIR to use data to help make informed decisions.

“Every organization contains a wealth of untapped data,” said Scott Nelson, president and CTO of Tamarack Technology. “The real value comes when it is accessed and leveraged to identify growth opportunities as well as to create a competitive advantage. At KLC, the data is providing insights that cut across the silos of the origination, contract management and general ledger systems of a business.”

About KLC Financial, LLC

KLC Financial, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Gulf Coast Bank & Trust, was founded in 1987. Headquartered in Minnetonka, Minn., the company leases and finances capital equipment and assets for businesses nationwide. KLC Financial is built on strong relationships with customers, vendors and bank partners. Its mission is to bring advantageous equipment finance solutions to clients with integrity, depth of knowledge and speed.

About Tamarack Technology, Inc.

For more than 20 years, Tamarack Technology, Inc. has been helping equipment finance companies improve productivity and profitability with software consulting and cutting-edge technology solutions. Today, Tamarack is the only professional services and product provider in the industry to deliver AI, business intelligence and customer self-service that maximize equipment finance operations across the entire software ecosystem. Tamarack’s industry experts understand equipment finance and can enhance a company's existing systems, close technology gaps and drive improved performance. For more information, please email discover@tamarack.ai or visit www.tamarack.ai