One of the longest running events for equipment and commercial finance professionals, NEFA’s New Jersey based, one-day Expo is famous as a place to make solid connections and pickup valuable business ideas.

Drawing from up and down the East Coast ─and from all across the country─ the Expo provides a top-quality networking opportunity and a chance to talk in-depth with some leading edge funding sources and service providers.

Because it’s a small, intimate meeting, educational topics can drill down deep and the 2015 Expo is no exception.

Expo Chairperson, Scott Lipka, of Conestoga Bank Equipment Finance, has built a program around responding effectively to one of the most dangerous problems our industry faces: data-breach.

  • Way too few businesses are as prepared as they think they are for a breach in Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
  • The irony is there are key steps they can take easily to help mitigate their risk.

In a two part presentation, Barry Marks, one of this industries most highly respected legal authorities and an engaging presenter will team up with Dr. Ross Federgreen to give the clearest analysis of the threat we face and the steps we should ─and could─ be taking right now!

Come in on Sunday and enjoy a friendly cocktail reception before getting serious the next morning!