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NEFA Volunteer Opportunities
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Community Volunteers

NEFA is built on volunteerism, and NEFA Members have a variety of opportunities to help shape, plan and implement new ideas and strategies for the association through involvement on the Board of Directors, in Committees and on special task projects.

The demands of life may dictate how much time we have to commit but it's our own drive and passions that determine what we'll commit to. Committing volunteer time to NEFA is a commitment not just to your association and your industry ─but to your own personal growth as a leader as well.

Supported by the NEFA Staff, the NEFA Board of Directors directs the activities of NEFA Member volunteers in support of NEFA's strategic objectives.

To facilitate that, the NEFA Board is organized into committees. Some committees are defined by the NEFA Bylaws (Standing Committees) and some by the Board as needed for specific, current or ongoing purposes (Functional Committees).


NEFA Board Committees

Standing Committees:

Executive Committee


Marc Keepman, CLFP; KLC Financial, Inc.: NEFA President and Chairman of the Board.


Dennis Dressler, Esq; Dressler & Peters, LLC.: NEFA Vice President

Daryn Lecy, CLFP; Oakmont Capital Services: NEFA Treasurer

Laura Carini, CLFP; Financial Pacific Leasing, Inc.: NEFA Secretary

Mike Coon, CLFP; North Star Leasing:  NEFA Immediate Past President


The Executive Committee acts as the governing body of the organization, focusing on the strategies and directions as defined by the Board of Directors.

Nominating Committee


Mike Coon, CLFP; North Star Leasing: NEFA Immediate Past President

The Nominating Committee is formed each year and identifies potential board member candidates and nominates candidates for the board and association officer positions.

Standards Committee


Marc Keepman, CLFP; KLC Financial, Inc.: NEFA President and Chairman of the Board

The Standards Committee is called into being to handle dispute resolution among members of the organization as needed.


Functional Area Committees:

The Board focuses on four functional areas for NEFA: Marketing & Membership; Operations & Programs; Culture & Governance; and Finance & Reporting. Each Board Member is assigned to one or more of these oversight areas.

Within these four functional areas, at any given time, any number of NEFA Member Sub-Committees or Task Forces may be working on a wide variety of issues.

Finance & Reporting


Dennis Dressler, Dressler & Peters, LLC


Board Members:

Jim Jackson, The Alta Group

Laura Carini, CLFP, Financial Pacific Leasing, Inc.

Currently the Board Finance & Reporting Committee has sub-committee and task force opportunities for NEFA members interested in: [a] helping develop reserve policies, and [b] reviewing accounting and reporting standards for the association.


Culture & Governance


Mike Coon, North Star Leasing

Board Members:

Stephanie Hall, CLFP, BlackRiver Business Capital

Eric Alley, LeaseTeam, Inc.

Adam Peterson, Channel Partners Capital

Currently the Board Culture & Governance Committee is working with Member Volunteers sub-committees and task forces on: [a] increasing member volunteerism & engagement; [b] reviewing our NEFA online community tools; and [c] supporting our Legal Committee.


Marketing & Membership


Marc Keepman, CLFP

Board Members:

Guy Selinka, CLFP, Streamline Financial

Joe Leonard, CLFP, Oakmont Capital Services


Currently, the Board Marketing & Membership Committee is working with member volunteer sub-committees and task forces on ideas and programs for: [a] vetting & onboarding new members; [b] renewing members; and [c] reviewing our member types.


Operations & Programs


Daryn Lecy, CLFP, Stearns Bank

Board Members:

Scott Lipka, Beneficial Equipment Finance Corp

Kristian Dolan, CLFP, Tamarack

Currently, the Board Operations & Programs Committee is working with member volunteers on sub-committees and task forces involved with: [a] reviewing and updating our ILP course material; [b] vetting future conference dates; and [c] supporting the various ad-hoc regional committees that plan our many regional events.




What to do Right Now! 

Any NEFA Member Volunteer interested in working within any of these areas should reach out to one of the Board Members involved or to a NEFA Staff Member.

We appreciate your help.