Chris Walker Education Fund Grant Request Form
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In the spirit of Chris Walker’s passion for education and his embrace of all efforts and opportunities that supported it, the Chris Walker Education Fund will be used to further the education and professional development mission of NEFA both within the Association and beyond it.

The Chris Walker Education Fund is administered by a committee currently made up of Randy Haug, LTi Technology Solutions, Hugh Swandel, Meridian OneCap Credit Corp.; Chris Lerma, CLFP, AP Equipment Financing; Kayla Perlinger, CLFP, Oakmont Capital Services, LLC; Guy Selinka, CLFP, Streamline Financial Services; Kim King, Navitas Credit Corporation; Stephanie Hall, CLFP, Black River Business Capital.

Funds available through the Chris Walker Educational Fund can be used for any project or need that furthers the general education of leasing professionals - either for individual use based on need or for another project that helps the leasing industry's educational platform as a whole.

All grant requests will be sent to Kayla Perlinger, CLFP with Oakmont Capital Services, LLC, Stephanie Hall, CLFP with ACG Equipment Finance and Kim King with Navitas Credit Corporation, directly, and held in the strict confidence of the Chris Walker Education Fund Committee members. All information will be kept confidential.

If you are interested in applying for a Chris Walker Education Grant, please fill out the Grant Request Form just below:



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