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Career Builder Class for Millennials ...and Others
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*BONUS WORKSHOP for Your Company's Next Generation Leaders who attend the 2016 Funding Symposium!  *Limited Seating!!

(*Included free with a full conference registration; a $750 value by itself)  

  • Led by industry leading consultant and educator, Scott Wheeler, CLFP, and prepared especially for the NEFA Funding Symposium, this 4 hour workshops will plug your next generation leaders into the big picture of this industry and their future with your company.
  •  It's not all theory.  It's solid, down-to-earth advice, tools and perspectives which will help them take what you're already teaching them and understand it at a more personal and productive level; productive for them and for you!
  •  This valuable workshop will be held Thursday, October 6, from 10:AM to 3:PM but space is definitely limited!
  •  As part of the 2016 Funding Symposium, they'll also be networking with industry thought leaders and the best among their peers, further adding to their sense of mission and their value to your business! 


How Millennials Will Thrive

in the Commercial Equipment Leasing and Finance Industry

This workshop is designed for millennial professionals (sales and operations) who are currently employed in the commercial leasing and finance industry.

The topics will include, but not be limited to:

Understanding the impact of the commercial equipment leasing and finance industry on the U.S. economy

  • Taking a “100,000 foot”  perspective of the industry
  • The diversity within the industry
  • How vendors and end-users perceive the industry
  • The multiple players that succeed in the business
  • The benefits that “YOUR COMPANY” provides
  • Macroeconomics of pricing in the market (risk vs. reward)
How millennials can add greater value for their companies
  • Understanding all aspects of the financing/leasing process
  • Thinking long-term
  • Doubling and tripling production
  • The power or automation
  • The power of personal engagement
Sales is not a dirty word for successful Millennials
  • Impactful prospecting is exciting
  • Customer service is an activity/ Origination is the true money maker
  • Developing a strategy for success
  • Having the best sales skills in the industry
Credit underwriting skills are essential for successful Millennials
  • Knowing why transactions are approved or declined is a necessity
  • Analyzing clients’ financial status is empowerment
  • Application only vs. full disclosure
  • Having meaningful conversations with decision makers requires credit skills
The long-term potential for motivated Mellennials
  • Alignment of personal objectives, personal value propositions and your stakeholders
  • Understanding the interactions of sales, credit, and portfolio management
  • Having a plan to excel within your current position
  • Outperforming your competition (internally and externally)
  • Creating a long-term path for success
  • Turning a job into a lifelong career



Future oriented managers will want to plug in their next generation of leaders by giving them this solid foundation and helping them develop their own contacts among their peers.
This pre-conference class is a FREE BONUS included with a 2016 Funding Symposium registration which includes full conference participation: Networking; Education; Exhibits; and more.
If you've got young employees as part of your company, you owe to them and their future ---and to you and your own future--- to make them part of the industry too!

To register for this FREE BONUS class, please complete the registration form below: