2019 Funding Symposium Pricing
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Price Category


Price good for payments fully received by:

Regular Member —Broker/Lessor


First Attendee


2nd or Other Additional Attendee


Services Member —Funding Source or Service Provider

First Attendee


2nd or Other Additional Attendee

Non-NEFA Member
Spouse / Guest
—Spouse or companion not actively engaged in the business attending meal and social functions only


First-Time Broker/Lessor

—Must be a current Broker/Lessor Member
—Never been to a NEFA conference


Table-Top Exhibitor


Day Pass Registration —Member

Regular Member
           Thursday, October 3rd
           Friday, October 4th
Services Member
(Funding Source / Service Provider)
           Thursday, October 3rd
           Friday, October 4th

Day Pass Registration —Non-Member

           Thursday, October 3rd
           Friday, October 4th
Welcome Reception Pass —Only

Member Rate:
NEFA Memberships must be fully paid (either for calendar year 2019 for calendar year memberships; or for the full consecutive 12 months immediately preceding the conference for anniversary date memberships) in order to qualify for Member Pricing.

Spouse / Guest Registration Fee:
A spouse / guest attending social functions must be registered (i.e. spouse, friend, family member, visitor), to attend any NEFA luncheon, breakfast, reception, break or social function, and can be purchased on site. A spouse / guest registration does not include admittance to the exhibit hall or any educational sessions. If he/she is employed in equipment finance industry, the full attendee registration fee is due.

First-Time Broker/Lessor Attendee:
This applies to any Broker/Lessor individual who has NEVER attended a NEFA Conference and is employed by a current NEFA member.

Attendee Contact Information:
As a registered attendee for this conference, attendees authorize NEFA to share your contact information, including but not limited to your email address and telephone number, with other registered attendees, sponsors and exhibitors.

Registration Terms & Conditions:

NEFA is committed to giving the greatest possible value to our conference attendee’s ─and to our exhibitors and sponsors whose significant financial commitments do so much to make these events possible.

In order to be fair to all, we ask you, as a conference participant, to agree that you will not, during the hours that NEFA has scheduled events, advertise or promote any private, separate or non-NEFA-arranged social, educational, or informational event that could possibly compete or overlap with any NEFA scheduled events.  *This only applies to the hours during which NEFA has scheduled events as advertised or promoted by NEFA on NEFA’s website or other conference or promotional materials.

Should you choose to host an advertised or promoted conflicting event, you will voluntarily be withdrawing your individual and company registrations from the NEFA event without refund and waiving your privilege to NEFA hotel room block discounts and benefits.  If you’d like to host a private event during the conference and are unsure of acceptable times, please contact us to work with you on scheduling

Please note that this only applies to advertised or promoted events and is to protect the investment of our exhibitors and sponsors but that nothing herein is intended to interfere with your ability, as a NEFA Funding Symposium participant, to meet privately, at your own convenience, with friends, suppliers, funding sources, customers or prospective customers, and NEFA encourages you to do so.

You hereby grant NEFA permission to use your picture or video image taken during the conference on the NEFA website and in emails about this conference and in promotional materials for future conferences.

Substitution & Cancellation Policy:

If you have registered but are unable to attend the 2019 NEFA Funding Symposium, you may substitute another employee from your company at no additional charge. Please send written notification of this change to Kim King at KKing@NEFAssociation.org

Cancellations received by September 2, 2019 will be refunded 50% of the conference fee. No refunds will be given after September 2, 2019. Please send written notification of your cancellation to Kim King at KKing@NEFAssociation.org

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