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2012 Summit Email Feb 9
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Think Outside
Think Box Beach Chair
Outside The Box
Outside The Office
A sales tip from Gerry Egan....

To really stand out from your competition, you have to be different from them.

That's because that's how all of us ---our prospects as well as ourselves--- make decisions.  When faced with choices of any kind we naturally run through a checklist comparing the alternatives.  Mentally, we check off all the things the choices have in common and then we focus on what?  The differences, of course!  The quicker you can get someone to see how you're different, the easier you make it for them to decide.

One of my earliest sales managers used to illustrate it this way.  He'd say, think about your wife or girlfriend, or your husband or boyfriend.  You each have two eyes, two ears, two arms and two legs, he'd say.  Then he'd say, you're certainly very similar in most respects, but I'm guessing it's the differences that got you together!

Being different ---different in a way that's meaningful to your customers--- starts with thinking different.  Thinking different starts with breaking patterns and opening up to new ideas.  

The easiest way to do that is to get away from your office and your usual routines and mix with a variety of other people who do what you do and then try to see your own business from a distance and through other people's eyes.    

The idea isn't to copy other people's ideas, it's to see what they're doing that's different.  Because the more you start looking for differences yourself, the easier it becomes to come up with your own differentiating ideas.  

Getting out and looking at other ways of doing what you do, and learning how to spot, analyze and create differentiating ideas you can make work for your business, is one of the highest-yielding and longest-lasting business investments you can make.

The NEFA 2012 National Equipment Finance Summit offers you exactly the right combination of environment and tools to do that.  

Over two days of industry leading ideas, connections, services and funding sources ...all in a spectacularly beautiful, bayside location that, at once, both relaxes and stimulates.

Think outside...  

...outside the box & outside the office.

You simply can't make a better investment in  yourself or your business.

Be part of something great and fun.  At the Summit will be people who are:

  • serious but fun-loving
  • successful but still seeking
  • shrewd but open
  • professional but playful
  • focused but friendly
If that describes you, you belong there.  You belong at the Summit.
Early Bird pricing in effect through Feb. 29!
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NEFA National Equipment Finance Summit
March 22-24, 2012, San Diego, CA
Special thanks to Conference Committee Chairperson: Lynne Wicker, of RTR Services; and Conference Committee Members: Amy Spragg, of Pacifica Capital; Ana Holloway, of OSG Billing; Steve Crane, of Bank of the West; Tamara McCourt, of Five Point Capital; Tara Aasand, of Great American Insurance.
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