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2011 NJ Regional Expo Email Sept 29
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The Magic Vendor Ratio… Working with Community Banks… and Much More...
check mark Are you tired of working on vendor leads you can’t get funded?  Tired of being run around on wild goose chases on prospects that aren’t really prospects at all?

At the upcoming Fall Expo NEFA Super Regional meeting in Teaneck, NJ on November 7th, NEFA’s own, Gerry Egan, one of the industry’s most popular and dynamic sales trainers, will share some remarkably simple ideas that can catapult your vendor sales efforts to whole new levels.

 It’s easy, too, says, Gerry.  It’s easy because it doesn’t involve having to change your vendors, your funders or the economy in any way, whatsoever.  The only thing that’s difficult, he says, is it may require you to change the way you think.  If you’ve ever heard Gerry speak, you know he’s always practical, street-level, customer-focused and results-oriented.

 If you’re ready to challenge what you may think about vendor sales efforts, if you’re ready to focus on results instead of activities, if you’re ready to move beyond the old ---average--- ways of selling,  this will be exactly the kind of economic stimulus you’re looking for!  Register today!

check mark If you read the papers, you may believe that opportunities to work with community banks are limited at best.  You’d be wrong, though.

Profitable business opportunities with community banks DO exist today, in fact they abound!  But not for just anyone, though.  They exist only for those who’ve taken the time to understand the specific challenges banks face today and have prepared themselves to help the banks overcome them.  For those people, this is a great time to be calling on banks.  Would you like to be one of those people?

At the Fall Expo NEFA Super Regional meeting in Teaneck, NJ, on November 7th, Scott Wheeler, another of the best known trainers in our industry, will host a special panel of bankers focused on preparing you for exactly that.  You’ll learn how to understand, from the bank’s point of view, exactly what they’re faced with.  More important, you’ll learn what you need to know to become a part of their solution instead of just another problem.  Register now!
check mark Want to know what’s actually working today?  Not what worked three, five or ten years ago, but what’s still, actually working today?

We’ve scoured the country and, on November 7th, at the Fall Expo NEFA Super Regional meeting in Teaneck, NJ, we'll be bringing together a group of broker/lessors who are actually prospering in today’s marketplace and they’ll be sharing what’s working for them. 

Success depends on understanding the difference between efficiency and effectiveness.  If you’re in a speeding car, headed towards a cliff, the last thing you need is more horsepower!  You need to be doing something else!  Too many people in our industry are still trying to get more efficient at what they used to do when they need to be focusing on what they should be doing differently.  Success today is far more dependent on doing the right things than ever before.  Find out what’s actually working today in our business.  Register now!
check mark Great Networking, too!

Come Sunday evening, November 6th, for a great newtorking reception.  Mix, mingle, meet, greet and connect! Register now!
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Fall Expo NEFA Super Regional
November 6-7, 2011
Teaneck Marriott Glenpointe, Teaneck, NJ

For Full details or to register visit:
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